We want to be your Wealth Partners

As Financial Advisors we work closely with our clients, by learning what's important to them and their families, and then working together to build a financial plan to assist in getting them there.   


With over 20+ years of experience working with individuals, families and corporations across the country, we care about our clients and their financial futures just as much as they do.  We offer an unbiased approach to all of the important financial decisions that impact them at every stage of their lives.  


Navigating the world of finance with an independant Financial Advisor offers you peace of mind whether you're dealing with your retirement planning, your pension benefit options, various investment opportunities or simply planning for your child's educational funding. 


Let us work with you as your Wealth Partner!


2018 Handy info

NEW TFSA contribution room for 2018 = $5,500  for a total personal room of $57,500

NEW RSP contribution limit 18% of your 2017 earned income up to a max of $26,230

Income Tax deadline  April 30, 2018 (individuals)  or  June 15, 2018 (self-employed persons)

RESP contribution limit $50,000 lifetime limit  Government Grants upto 20% grant on $2,500 contribution

RDSP contribution limit $200,000 lifetime limit upto age of 59






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Summer’s Coming! But will Trump stop tweeting?

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  My daughter reminded me yesterday how quickly summer is approaching when she announced that there were officially only 9 more sleeps before the end of the school year!  She was so excited in fact that...

Nothing like a global trade war to keep things exciting!

Published by Kelly Fagundes on Apr 06, 2018

Challenges in the quarter Wow! Volatility returned with a vengeance.  After experiencing market pullbacks of less than five percent in 2017, we’ve already experienced two pullbacks of greater than five...

Keep an eye on your mailboxes...it's tax slip time!

Published by Kelly Fagundes on Mar 12, 2018

Income Tax Deadline | April 30, 2018 (individuals) or June 15, 2018 (self-employed persons)   It’s that time of the year when tax slips related to your 2017 investments and RRSP contributions are beginning...

What's Behind the recent Market Pullback?

Published by Kelly Fagundes on Feb 07, 2018

So, I’m a true believer that just because a client may not be calling in to panic about the markets, doesn’t mean they don’t want to.  This quick email will hopefully calm some of those concerns, otherwise...

2018...Show us what you got!

Published by Kelly Fagundes on Jan 08, 2018

Wishing everyone a strong and healthy 2018!   Joe and I will be busy these first few weeks in January meeting with many of your Portfolio Managers and attending various industry events where we’ll get...

In the Winter 2018 edition:

Making a decision that can safeguard your family’s lifestyle is a great feeling.

Not only that, there are a range of innovative solutions that help keep you motivated to make healthy lifestyle choices.